I made a blog. Let’s hope it doesn’t suck too bad.

My name is Henry and I used to work in software development, I’m not a developer by any means but I learnt a few things so I should be able to manage writing a blog. This website sets out to test that hypothesis at least.

Last week I quit my job in Christchurch to go see the world. While I don’t want this to be a travel blog, it will be a blog, and it will probably be about travel, for now, perhaps I’ll branch out later. I’m writing for a variety of audiences; for my family and friends who may be interested in what I’m up to, for those who might be interested in doing something similar, and for myself so I can remember what I’ve done and where I’ve been.

Anyway, hopefully it’s worth reading to someone – feel free to let me know if you like what you see or want to know more!